Protect and Practice method

Edge Protection For Roofs

Are You following the: Provide, Protect and Practice Method?

Provide your tradesmen with a safe working environment….
Protect your Company by complying with the correct safety procedures….
Practice safe work on roofs following the Occupational Health and Safety Act….

Perimeter Fall Protection is required in the following situations:

Work on roofs of over 2 meters constructions or situations with similar potential fall height.

When concrete or semi-glazed tiles are used and the roof surface is more than 20 degrees.

Where dry/clean fully glazed tiles or metal deck roofing materials are used and the surface is more than 20 degrees.

On roofs where surface moisture, oil or other conditions may make the roofing material slippery.

Other situations where the risk assessment shows an unacceptable risk of injury should someone fall.

The Domestic Building Industry is now being closely monitored to ensure correct and safe work practices.

Any Builder or Subcontractor not complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act may incur major Penalties
Australian Design No: 132864 Patent No:742100